The Plan – VCAP-NV Design

The last year has been an adventure; I started a new role which I’m really enjoying. New opportunity naturally brings new challenges, which will bring out your strengths and weaknesses. As such, I have decided I want to learn more about VMware NSX-T, specifically in the design phase of a project.

This post outlines how I plan on gaining more knowledge of NSX-T design, by taking the VCAP-NV exam. It is worth noting, this post is the first of many, I plan to share my technical thoughts along this journey via this website.


So, before I start going into the material which I plan on using to prepare for this exam, it’s important that the requirements of this exam are understood and met – after all, there’s no point successfully passing this exam without them met as the certification will not be granted!

Heading over to VMware’s VCAP-NV Design website, it is outlined that depending on your experience with various VMware products, depends on the requirement that must be met. For example, if you are a CCIE who is looking to gain experience with the VMware NSX-T product line, you can submit proof of your CCIE and bypass the base requirement of a VCP-NV which is pretty nice!

Check out the website to see which criteria you meet, but in my case – I have no previous VCAP’s, nor a CCIE and therefore I will be using my VCP-NV to meet the requirements.

Study material

Now we understand what we need to meet the exam requirements, I had a look at the study material which is recommended. Those of you with a keen eye who checked out the VCAP-NV Design website I linked above will notice that VMware recommend that there is an NSX-T 3.0 design course provided by VMware.

I intend to ignore this recommendation – why? My long term goal is to explore the VCAP-NV for implementation which would grant me a VCIX-NV. It is my belief that a course for the implementation track course is more worth while due to the lack of study materials available to us.

With this in mind, the I have paid for a spiral binding of the NSX-T 3.0 VMware Validated Design (VVD) PDF to consume, as an alternative to a study guide. As this will be on physical paper, I plan to underline, highlight and tab the document as much as I can to assist with my studies. I used a similar technique when reading Nick Russo’s Evolving Technologies study guide, which worked really well.

From this point forward, any certification which I explore, no matter the difficulty or vendor I will share my notes which are taken in Notion. So, feel free to check my progress on this certification, which can be found here, along with the links to my Anki flashcards.

If you are also pursuing this exam, please do reach out and we can share, challenge and explore these topics together!

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