Mission success – VCAP-NV Design Passed!

On the 9th of October I passed the VCAP-NV Design exam. For those of you who haven’t already read my battle plan for this exam, you can read it here and you can also find the links to my notes here.

I followed pretty much the outline of what I set out on the battle plan to the letter, the design guide is a must read and the vBrownBag is time well spent.

Each of these resources approach assisting you with the exam in slightly different ways; the design guide tells you how NSX-T should be designed and the caveats around the few different supported architectures. Whereas the vBrownBag is focussed around the softer skills of a design, allowing you to think like an architect – finding risks, assumptions, constraints and requirements.

I think this was a very valuable exam and to be honest – I found it pretty enjoyable to study and undertake.

The next exam for me will be Cisco DevNet in a ramp up for next year – albeit, VMware VCAP-NV Deploy, I’ve got my eye on you!

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