Getting started with HashiCorp Terraform Associate

HashiCorp Terraform, a technology that started off with a huge focus within the cloud space, now has really good support for network and security products, across a plethora of vendors. With this in mind (and by the fact you’re reading this article), you probably want to learn the best way to approach getting a bit more knowledge around Terraform – perfect, read on!

When I learn new technologies, I like to follow a certification; this is because there’s a structured learning path and test to verify you know, what you think you know (move aside ego), and you get something shiny at the end. I decided a few weeks back to attempt the ‘HashiCorp Terraform Associate’ certification, and truth be told – it was one of the most enjoyable certifications I’ve ever studied for; this article outlines the resources I used and also defines some exam tips and tricks.

Getting started

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Mission success – VCAP-NV Design Passed!

On the 9th of October I passed the VCAP-NV Design exam. For those of you who haven’t already read my battle plan for this exam, you can read it here and you can also find the links to my notes here.

I followed pretty much the outline of what I set out on the battle plan to the letter, the design guide is a must read and the vBrownBag is time well spent.

Each of these resources approach assisting you with the exam in slightly different ways; the design guide tells you how NSX-T should be designed and the caveats around the few different supported architectures. Whereas the vBrownBag is focussed around the softer skills of a design, allowing you to think like an architect – finding Read More »

The Plan – VCAP-NV Design

The last year has been an adventure; I started a new role which I’m really enjoying. New opportunity naturally brings new challenges, which will bring out your strengths and weaknesses. As such, I have decided I want to learn more about VMware NSX-T, specifically in the design phase of a project.

This post outlines how I plan on gaining more knowledge of NSX-T design, by taking the VCAP-NV exam. It is worth noting, this post is the first of many, I plan to share my technical thoughts along this journey via this website.


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CCIE R&S – Lab Attempt #1

On the 23rd of November 2018 I took my first attempt at the CCIE Routing and Switching lab exam.  This article outlines my view on the lab experience, from both the traveling and the lab itself.

Travel & accommodation

I flew out from London Heathrow the day before the lab, with Matt, someone I have been studying with for the last few years originally met via RouterGods.  

The overall flight experience was pretty good and the travel between the airport in Brussels and the hotel I stayed at was around 5-10 minutes uber drive, which cost about 15 euros.Read More »